Can Physical Therapy Prevent or Delay Surgery?

Can Physical Therapy Prevent or Delay Surgery?

Can Physical Therapy Prevent or Delay Surgery?

Are you struggling with persistent pain that worsens when you try to do anything and wonder how physical therapy could help? Have you been told you have “bone on bone” arthritis and your only solution is surgery? At Plumas Physical Therapy in Blairsden, CA, our physical therapists can often help you postpone or avoid surgery, but when that’s not possible, we can make sure you put yourself in a position to have the best possible outcome!

If you are trying to avoid surgery and wonder if physical therapy can prevent or delay surgery, the simple answer is yes!

Most orthopedic-type surgeries are not urgent or emergencies. Although traumatic situations can be emergencies, most times, there is a significant period of time between diagnosis and surgery.

Far too often, people mistake their symptoms for signs to rest or avoid the activities causing them pain. Even more frequent is the number of people that ignore aches and pains, thinking they will go away on their own, only to discover those early warning signs were the body’s signals to get help. Unfortunately, rest, avoidance, and trying to ignore or push through pain only lead to a bigger, often more complex, problem.

At Plumas Physical Therapy, in Blairsden, CA, our physical therapists will weed through your symptoms and identify the root cause of your particular situation. We will give you the tools to prevent, delay or prepare yourself for surgery.

Request an appointment today with one of our specialists, and let us help you figure out what the best decisions are for yourself and help you get back to doing what you love, no matter what you decide!

Why try physical therapy before surgery

Although surgery has become increasingly common, especially for orthopedic conditions, it is still a significant decision that should be discussed and thoroughly investigated before surgery.

Pain is a challenging fact of life. For some people, the pain intensity seems so strong that surgery is the only option. This desperation can lead people to surgery only to discover their pain persists, and in some cases, it is even worse. People often overlook that recovery after surgery can be as challenging as dealing with the limitations before surgery.

Although modern medicine has made significant technological advancements that have improved diagnostics and surgical procedures, there have also been significant advancements in treatment approaches to prevent or delay surgery.

One major advantage of physical therapy before surgery is that there is no risk. In some cases, the symptoms you are feeling are not consistent with the diagnosis, and until you clarify what exactly is going on, you risk a negative outcome from surgery. The best scenario is you prevent or delay surgery, and the worst is you need the surgery you are told you need.

At your Blairsden, CA physical therapy clinic, our physical therapists are up to date on the most advanced strategies and use cutting-edge treatments proven to resolve the pain, restrictions, weaknesses, and functional limitations associated with most orthopedic conditions.

We can help guide you through the signs and symptoms that confirm or deny your diagnosis and whether or not you can prevent or delay surgery.

Common conditions that respond to PT as well as surgery

Physical therapists are considered musculoskeletal experts in the medical community. More and more research has demonstrated the importance of physical therapy in preventing unnecessary surgeries and helping people reduce the risk of future surgeries. Our education and training are designed to identify conditions that respond to physical therapy.

Physical therapy has been shown to help with acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Through targeted manual therapy, exercise, and patient education, our physical therapists have proven successful in assisting people in reducing their pain and restoring their functional abilities.

When physical therapy outcomes are compared to surgical results for certain conditions, the research shows physical therapy is effective in some cases and more effective in other cases. The conditions where physical therapy is as effective as surgery include the following:

  • Non-obstructive meniscus surgery
  • Long-term outcomes for herniated disc surgeries
  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Carpal tunnel surgery

Degenerative joint disease is a gradual process. In most cases, you can take steps to avoid or at least postpone the need for a major surgery like a total knee, hip, or shoulder replacement. Restoring and maintaining the joint range of motion and strength of the surrounding muscles supporting the joint are the keys to success.

There are certainly times when surgery is the best option, but delaying surgery with physical therapy is a viable option. In addition, attending physical therapy at Plumas Physical Therapy before surgery (pre-hab) can help people be prepared for an upcoming surgery and the rehabilitation they will need to ensure a positive outcome after surgery.

Request an appointment at Plumas Physical Therapy in Blairsden, CA today!

Our physical therapist team will comprehensively evaluate your condition to provide you with a program tailored to your specific needs and goals. In most cases, you can delay surgery or prevent it entirely.

Regardless of whether you need surgery, your Plumas Physical Therapy therapists can help ensure you get back to doing what you love!


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