Physical Therapy Quincy, CA

Physical Therapy Quincy, CA

Plumas Physical Therapy in Quincy, CA is located in Suite 2 of 78 E Central Ave. Our patients are very important to us and we are happy to share that many of them have had a great deal of success at our physical therapy clinic!

Our physical therapists are highly skilled experts who can treat any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be experiencing. We give in-depth assessments that lead to long-term pain alleviation, healing, and injury prevention. Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies and methods, we are confident in our ability to meet all of your rehabilitation needs.

At Plumas Physical Therapy in Quincy, CA we use sophisticated diagnostic techniques to determine which services will be most beneficial to you. We’d love to meet with you and work together to develop a treatment plan that will get you back on track to recovery and pain relief!

Physical Therapy Can Help You Reach Your Goals and Relieve Your Pain

The goal of physical therapy is to ease pain, make movement easier, and improve the overall quality of life. We want to help make your daily tasks and activities enjoyable.

Physical therapy is extremely effective at relieving pain and improving the way you move. Tasks that are currently difficult for you will start to get easier as your treatment plan progresses.

When you move better, you feel better. That is our goal. At Plumas Physical Therapy, WE GET RESULTS! With our experienced, results-driven therapy, personalized treatment plans, and fast, easy, convenient scheduling, we are here to suit all your needs!

Our physical therapists at our Quincy location can help you with dressing on your own, exercising, walking your dog, and even get you back to doing the things you enjoy in your spare time, such as gardening, baking, or playing with your kids or grandkids.

If you are unsure about the effectiveness of physical therapy, rest assured that our Quincy, CA physical therapy clinic will help you move better and manage your pain. Plumas Physical Therapy can help to improve or restore physical function and fitness too!

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Experience Our Pain-Relieving Treatments

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Back Pain

Does your back hurt? Did you sleep wrong, or pick up something too heavy? Did you sustain a sports injury that has left you in constant discomfort and on the sidelines? There could be many causes for your aches and pains, but the good news is that you are not alone.


Shoulder Pain

We utilize our shoulders all day. If you are in pain, it may disrupt your routine, mood, and productivity! No matter what is causing your shoulder pain, we are here for you. Plumas Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing you with natural shoulder pain relief options.

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Physical Therapy

Have you found yourself unable or unwilling to participate in activities you used to enjoy due to persistent nagging pain? To live our best life, we need to feel our best! Physical therapy is a safe and natural way to relieve your pain and improve the way you move.

Physical Therapists at our Quincy Clinic

Meet The Team!

Our professional team is made up of the best physical therapy experts who would be pleased to help you with whatever problem you’re having. Our physical therapists will not only work out what’s causing your issues and treat you for the pain you’re experiencing now, but they’ll also use their knowledge to help you avoid future injuries.

The physical therapists at Plumas Physical Therapy in Quincy, CA are sympathetic, kind, and dedicated to helping you regain your independence. Plumas Physical Therapy in Quincy, CA believes that our success is linked to your success. As a result, we make every effort to create a warm, welcoming environment in which you can heal comfortably and safely.

Plumas Physical Therapy Is Here To Help You Through Every Step Of Your Treatment Plan

At Plumas Physical Therapy, we are here to help you achieve your recovery, health, and fitness goals! We believe that with our knowledge and care and your commitment, you can find the relief you seek. We know what works best, and we cannot wait to assist you in finding the treatments that provide the best relief for you!

Our mission is to see you succeed in every aspect of your wellness journey and get you back to doing all the things you love. Our treatment plans are customized to your specific needs, taking into account your symptoms, medical history, and any health limitations you may have.

If you are looking for relief in Quincy, CA or any of the surrounding areas, Plumas Physical Therapy is here to help you reach your goals and get you back to loving life again!