Kinesio Taping


If You Have A Sports Injury, You Need To Hear About Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping aids in the pain relief of many types of injuries. It promotes injury recovery, improves mobility, and helps with range of motion. Most importantly, it can assist you in resuming activities that you enjoy!

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How Will Kinesio Taping Benefit Me?

Kinesio Taping can benefit you in your path to recovery for various reasons! First, it can restore function by mending broken connections between the skin and the muscles, joints, and tendons beneath it. Equally exciting, Kinesio taping can prevent pain receptors from reaching the brain. That means fewer spasms! As a result, muscles in the affected area will become more relaxed.

Here are some more benefits:

Managing scar tissue

When your body is healing from an injury, sometimes scar tissue can develop around the affected area. Unfortunately, scar tissue can be so dense that it affects communication with your brain. Kinesio taping can stretch scar tissue to allow the signals to move, therefore increasing mobility.

Reducing swelling

Kinesio taping can reduce swelling caused by surgery, injury, or overuse. It works by lowering pressure between the skin and the tissues beneath it. As a result, this allows any fluid accumulation to flow freely and promotes better movement of the affected area.

Joint stabilization

It can be difficult for your body to maintain the correct positioning of your joints if you have an injury. Kinesio tape helps to stabilize and support joints that are bothering you. Although, they will be allowed to move within their normal range of motion.

Pain relief

Since taping suppresses pain receptors, the brain does not receive pain signals from the affected area. In turn, muscles relax, allowing for greater mobility and faster recovery. All in all, you will experience a more soothing treatment experience.

What Can I Expect From Kinesio Taping?

Our Quincy and Blairsden, CA physical therapist will evaluate your condition and determine if Kinesio Taping is suitable for you. If it is, they will apply the tape to any parts of your body that are stiff or uncomfortable. Your therapist may also incorporate a variety of workouts and techniques into your treatment plan.

Many have discovered that this treatment helps them return to a regular daily routine with no pain or stiffness! Schedule an appointment with Plumas Physical Therapy if you believe you could benefit from Kinesio taping.

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